Activity Requirements

Resident Controllers

Resident controllers are those controllers who have selected or transferred to the Nassau FIR via the VATCAR website. Resident controllers are listed on the roster. For each calendar month, resident controllers are required to control a minimum of three (3) hours in order to remain current on the roster. Controllers who cannot make that requirement are urged to contact the ATM or DATM. If necessary, the controller may request a leave of absence from the ATM or DATM. This policy is to ensure compliance with the VATCAR Air Traffic Controller Hours policy.

Visiting Controllers

Visiting controllers shall provide ATC services under an authorized controller callsign within their endorsement level for a minimum of three (3) hours per month. 

Observers / New Controllers

Observers / New Controllers, both resident and visiting, shall maintain an active training profile with the training team. All observers / new controllers, both resident and visiting, will be placed inactive on the roster if they have not enrolled in their first course in the first 30 days of joining. After initial course enrolment and/or after successfully passing their first exam, they will be expected to complete three (3) hours of classroom or network training hours to remain active. 

Roster Status Changes

Leave of Absence

A member may request a Leave of Absence for a period of 30 to 180 days in duration. Members with less than ninety (90) days as a member shall be granted an LOA on a day by day basis. Requests for a LOA must be submitted by email to and and include the reason for LOA for consideration. 

Note – Visiting controllers cannot be granted an LOA unless he / she has a concurrent LOA granted from their home Division.

Inactive Status

Controllers failing to meet activity requirements shall be set to inactive status and must contact the facility Air Traffic Manager in order to return to the active roster.

Removal From Roster

After a controller is moved to inactive status, and an email is sent to the controller by the Air Traffic Manager or Deputy Air Traffic Manager. If a response is not received within a seven (7) day period, the controller may be removed from the roster. A controller removed in accordance with the above who wishes to return to the roster must email the Air Traffic Manager or designee stating their intent and submit a transfer request to Nassau via the VATCAR transfer request form via the VATCAR website. A controller may also be removed from the roster due to failure to adhere to any Nassau, VATCAR, VATNA regulations or guidelines, rude or disruptive behaviour, insubordination or harassment of a member or staff, or a violation of VATSIM Code of Conduct (specifically A.1, A.11 and A.12).

Code of Conduct

Members must be courteous, professional, and respectful at all times whilst controlling on the frequency. 

The preferred method of communication on the network is voice. However, some users still use text only. No services can be denied to any to text-only pilots for any reason.

Offensive behaviour and / or language on the network, forums, or in Teamspeak / Discord, or any other offensive behaviour (racist remarks, offensive remarks regarding an individuals religion, nationality, sexual orientation, etc) is strictly prohibited. Anyone using offensive language or engaging in offensive behaviour will have their controlling privileges revoked in accordance with VATSIM / VATCAR policy and will no longer be allowed to participate on the Teamspeak or Discord. 

Disciplinary Policy

Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary actions within Nassau should generally be conducted in the order provided below. Due to severity of offence steps may be modified, skipped or removed at the discretion of the Air Traffic Manager and the Deputy Air Traffic Manager. 

1) Verbal Warning
2) Written Warning
3) Roster Removal
4) Referral by ATM to Network Supervisor 
5) Referral to VATCAR1 and VATCAR2

The policy is effective : 14/10/2020