Air Traffic Manager | Eric Boxerman

Reports to the VATCAR Division Director
Responsible for all operations associated with the FIR.

Deputy Air Traffic Manager | Gerald Williams-Bartlett

Reports to the Air Traffic Manager
Assists in overseeing the operations & management of the FIR
Acts as Air Traffic Manager in his absence and/or as delegated
Responsible for maintaining currency and accuracy of the roster
Other task assigned by the ATM

Training Administrator | Sean Fox

Oversight of the Training Program.
Development of Training Materials.
Administration of the Roster.
Administration of the Instructor & Mentor Program.
Selection and oversight of the Instructor & Mentor Staff.
Assessment of the capabilities of ARTCC Members.
Assisting in development and rollout of major projects. Other Duties assigned by the Air Traffic Manager.


Facility Engineer | Vacant

Reports to the Air Traffic Manager
Design and maintain all FIR sector files.
Develop and maintain position files and alias files.
Maintain up to date AIRAC cycles on both sector files, and website airport data.
Assist in local airspace design and flow management tailored for the virtual environment.
Assess and report on area scenery available to pilots, recommending any scenery (or links to scenery) to be posted for pilot access.

Events Coordinator | Jaquan Ellis

Reports to the ATM.
Works with the ATM to develop the Events Program.
Works with, and coordinates with the ATM, DATM, TA, and FE on event concepts and execution.
Implements and works with the ATM to oversee approved events.
Coordination of ARTCC-Sponsored Events with adjacent air traffic facilities to arrange support for events.
Liaison to neighboring ARTCCs’ and VATSIM Event Staff.

Webmaster | Vacant

Reports to the Air Traffic Manager
Maintains all HTML and PHP code used with this website.
Designs and programs new applications requested by the Nassau Staff.
Website graphics designer.





Natius Kemp

Mentor (FD/CD – TWR)

Curt Thompson

Mentor (FD/CD – TWR)


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